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One of the worst parts of your summer vacation is the travel arrangements. Once you’ve found your accommodation, there’s still the question of getting there. Given that many of us spend several hours or even a whole day on the road, that’s no minor thing to overcome. Joined with that is the vast expense of simply getting from A to B, with a tank of diesel easily costing £50 or £60. If you’re travelling with a large group of people, multiplying that up – along with the uncertainty of ensuring everyone gets to where they need to be at the same time – can be costly and stressful. Minibus hire is one way around the stress for mid-sized groups of up to 12 or 15. For larger parties, luxury coach hire can be a very good solution. Coach hire London allows you to sit back and enjoy the journey in peace, complete with creature comforts in an air-conditioned environment.

Nowadays, coaches are a far cry from the ones you will remember from times past. They are clean, well-equipped and properly maintained. Not only that, but it can work out extremely cost-effectively. The reduced per-head cost of going in large numbers means that you can travel in far more style than you would if you were going separately. For those organising office getaways, group outings, days to sports fixtures or even large family breaks, this is truly the thinking person’s choice. There’s more space, drinks and entertainment on offer – and you don’t even have to do the driving. The coach firm will lay on a trained driver, or drivers if the journey is long enough. This is certainly a relief if you are going abroad or on a very long trip, since it means you can travel through the night (if you prefer) and waste as little time as possible.

Coach hire London gives you access to much better ways to travel than cars or public transport. It’s enormously flexible: since you’re paying, you set the itinerary and the schedule. Luxury coach hire isn’t a possibility that will occur to most people, since it seems out of their price bracket. And yet this can be a top solution to the problems of holiday travel – or, indeed, transporting any group of people. For smaller outings, minibus hire might be a better choice. This does, additionally, give you the chance to drive yourself, which may be a mixed blessing.

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Coach hire London allows magnificent views of historic buildings

In this day and age, rather than using coach hire london, we are accustomed to travelling at high speeds. We don’t take pleasure in waiting, wasting time or having to endure unoccupied periods where we risk getting bored. Plane travel and fast shuttle trains have given rise to this modern phenomenon where fast equals good and slow equals bad. And this trend has accelerated since the advent of budget air travel in the 1990s, though such flights offer a less high quality experience than can be had with minibus hire. Obviously, it is easy to see budget air travel through rose-tinted glasses while we are on our computers at home, busily reserving the latest cut-price deal to a new destination. The reality, however, is rather less rosy: once on board a budget plane you will most likely be cramped, aurally harassed by constant advertisements and charged unbelievable prices for anaemic looking sandwiches or tea in a cardboard cup. With this reality in mind, it might be time to make the case for luxury coach hire.

With luxury coach hire, your space genuinely is your own. Your seating will be made of plush and comfortable materials rather than the terrible polyester on display in most planes. More interestingly, the seat will be generous in width, long and possible to tilt to a fully reclined position. With these types of luxuries, you will be able to sleep undisturbed and wake up in your destination refreshed. Or, if you are not the sort of traveller who likes to cover ground with your eyes closed, you can drink in the views from the road through windows that have been specially adapted for the best panoramic views. What can be emphasised, in either scenario, is that coach travel is all about rediscovering the joy of the journey: so much is lost in the desire of many to get straight to their destination without living any of the rich moments of the in-between.

Leaving luxury coach travel aside, the smaller journeys within cities can also be improved through coach hire london. For one thing, you are physically at a height when you’re in a coach and consequently able to rise above the people to get the best views of the UK’s celebrated sights and historic buildings. Minibus hire sets the traveller at a slightly lower position. This position is perfect for those who are looking to enjoy the company of their fellow passengers. Or, in the case of a sports team, engage in tactical and team bonding talk.

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