Commercial Property in North London – for sale and to rent…

With the UK finally coming out of recession after the first double-dip downturn since the 1970s, organisations are turning their minds to the future rather than consolidation and digging in. Property prices have levelled off across the country, although commercial property in london has appeared comparatively resilient – it has pushed up the rest of the country’s property figures over the last few months, though the average is still broadly flat. Now, shops to let in north London provide an opportunity for companies looking to take advantage of improving economic conditions as well as the rather depressed property prices that are still evident. Alternatively, a shop for sale in London may prove a good investment if you are in it for the long term, since prices can in the long run only lift.

The relative lack of space and limited new development suggests that competition will only get harder in the long term. In the near-term, however, there are still a slew of pressures on the market. Continued economic uncertainty – partly around Greece and the Eurozone, but more recently on the looming spectre of America’s ‘fiscal cliff’, which could throw the US and the rest of the world back into recession – means that fluctuations are to be expected for the foreseeable future. Job losses in the public sector and scepticism for the financial sector are not balanced smoothly by the optimism of the private sector and, in any case, the ‘rebalancing’ of the economy means that different sectors are experiencing growth and suffering cutbacks.

All of this means that commercial property in london is in a state of flux, and probably will continue to be for some years. Shops to rent in north London come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for all organisations, and there are plenty of bargains to be snapped up for the company that has the cash to invest at this critical watershed. Alternatively, a shop for sale in London may be a better prospect for some – particularly those with deep reserves who have a business model that is sustainable over the long term. It is worth consulting with an experienced estate agents to make sure that your needs will be met in line with your budget, since the exact location of a shop or other property can make a massive difference to footfall and consequently the success of your enterprise.

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London Schoolwear Supplier – taking pride in innovative fabrics

School uniforms have something of a bad reputation. Many of us remember our childhood spent stuffed into itchy or ill-fitting garments that had to serve us equally well during the most gruelling of maths classes and in the most exciting and energetic of playtimes. Normally our school clothes were unable to live up to the ludicrously high and wide-ranging expectations our parents and teachers appeared to have set them. Thus many of us will remember returning home from school with a frayed sweatshirt cuff, a fallen hem, an ink-stained shirt or muddy trouser knees. And when the clothes didn’t get to a state beyond repair in one of these ways they were often handed down to our siblings so that they could subject them to an even worse fate. These, however, are the school uniforms of the past. These days the London schoolwear supplier has grown savvy: they have begun to supply a greater range of uniforms in better fits and in more suitable materials than ever before.

The suppliers really do live in material worlds and in some cases will have thoroughly done their homework in terms of finding the best textiles for kids to wear at school. That means they have found fabrics that are comfortable, durable, breathable and easy to care for. Teflon is often incorporated into trousers and skirts these days to give the garments suffering from most wear and tear the best chances of survival. Sometimes Teflon even comes coated in a scotchguard, which makes clothes more resistant to stains and less dependent on ironing to keep them crease-free and presentable. This point is crucial for mums and dads, who are just as concerned about the latest developments in uniform as their kids are – because it’s the mums and dads who get landed with the job of washing and drying their little one’s outfits.

School uniforms can be a source of pride and joy when they’re chosen carefully. Obviously there are the guidelines of specific schools to take into account but if you’ve got a list of requirements, or just the name of your child’s school, the London schoolwear supplier can give you what you need.  In fact, many suppliers go beyond their call of duty and provide leisurewear, Girl Guides and Scout uniforms, ballet shoes and leotards, football shorts and hockey sticks as well as the essential school clothes. You can even order online and have the all-important trying-on session from the comfort of your own home.

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Accounts Payable Audit Software- Recovering Lost Income

Back in the good times it was easy to be a little lax about accounting and cash flow. Confidence was high, credit was cheap, business was easy. But then everything changed and even those companies that were strong on paper found it hard to get a loan, and as the climate changed many found themselves running too close to the wire for comfort. Now, scrupulous accounting isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity. The problem is that mistakes still happen; they are almost unavoidable. The good news is that they are not completely unavoidable. An accounts payable audit will tell you where you have lost money in the past – thereby giving you a chance to claw it back. Recovery audit software uncovers the vulnerabilities of your systems, allowing you to pre-empt errors in the future that have already cost you money. One of the chief accounting errors that cost businesses money is duplicate payments. These occur when, for one reason or another, you end up paying a supplier or client twice. It can be due to honest error; invoices typically have a dozen or so fields of data and it is quite possible to make mistakes and have two sent through unnoticed. However, there are the cases in which unscrupulous individuals exploit holes in your accounting systems and submit two identical invoices, knowing that you probably won’t notice the duplicate.

Duplicate payments are just one common form of many different accounting errors. These all add up and can drain the resources of a company – especially at a time when there is very little room for manoeuvre. Real problems can occur if your business is reliant on a large number of small transactions and has a high turnover but comparatively modest profit; in those cases, there is far more room for minor errors to aggregate unnoticed, killing your profit margin.

This is why recovery audit software can pay for itself the first time you use it. For a small or medium-sized company an accounts payable audit can turn up a five-figure discrepancy – and obviously, the larger your company and the longer the problem has been going on for, the bigger the sum of wasted money is going to be. Duplicate payments are just one of the types of overpayment, but they are very common and you will certainly want to put a stop to them.

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Sales Presentations and Presentation Training

Powerpoint presentations are here to stay. Whatever the form of the business gathering, you’ll find they are almost always accompanied by a slideshow. It’s particularly true of sales presentations, where winning over the audience is absolutely fundamental. However, Powerpoint is now treated as compulsory, which means that it’s used whether or not it’s useful – a case of the tail wagging the dog. The problem is that Powerpoint design is frequently fairly poor, and serves only to put off your listeners, not win them over to your way of thinking. Thus something that can be a great asset can all too often become a liability. How do you avoid this happening?

People communicate in various ways. There are those who want to send and receive large quantities of information; they are noticeable by their habit of going into great detail and giving you more data than you really need. There are those who tend to communicate on a more emotional basis, interpreting a situation by the way they feel about it. They tend to be more emotive in their own communication, too, using means that resonate on that level – colourful language, anecdotes and intense descriptions of their feelings. And there are those who are far more instinctive and straightforward. They tend to want to get to the heart of a matter and make a decision quickly, and are interested in only the most important details. Bear in mind that when you are communicating with a group of people, it will likely contain one or more of all of these types. Therefore you need to cater for their needs. Otherwise, you will find that you talk past two-thirds of your audience, simply because you’re not communicating in a way that they find easy to engage with.

In terms of Powerpoint presentations, that means you need to adjust your slides as well as your talk. You should make sure you cover all three areas in your Powerpoint design. For your talk, give the data you need, of course. But you should complement it with illustrations and personal stories. You should also provide a summary for those who want nothing more. For your slides, you can do the same. Charts and graphs convey large amounts of information. Photographs and pictures appeal to a different side to the audience and will register emotionally, giving them something to remember. For the last group, a short list of bullet points will give them what they need. Make sure you cater to everyone’s preferences and you’ll find your sales presentations have a higher degree of success.

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Community broadband – for the solitary freelancer

While a selection of underground stations in London have begun offering a free Wifi service to tube travellers, much of the rest of the nation is only just getting up to speed above ground. It might be expected that Britain’s capital, soon to be host to the Olympic games, would offer the best in internet speed but it would be totally unjust if rural Britain were left lagging behind in future. Indeed, though we are suffering the consequences of an economic programme of austerity it is important that money is not withdrawn from projects designed to improve next generation access and community broadband. Because, as people face joblessness, pay cuts, and ‘streamlined’ conditions of employment, many of the most enterprising will take it upon themselves to set up mini businesses, sell unwanted or handmade goods, and even try going it alone in the freelance world. All of the above are good survival strategies when the state fails to provide us with support. But many of these strategies rely on strong ICT infrastructure.

So it transpires that excellent connectivity would boost the whole of Britain and not just those living in London and within commuting distance. Beyond the opportunity to be more business-minded, better access to the internet also helps build a more cohesive society. Web forums full of consolation and counsel have helped many a person get through a whole range of difficulties from hands-on DIY technical hitches to emotional break-ups and stressful exam times. In fact, access to the internet is of increasing importance to young and old single people who are so busy in their professional lives and so set in their social habits that they find online dating the most effective and fun way to find a lover or friend.

And we hardly want to deny exciting romantic adventures and friends to people on the sole basis of them having poor internet service. Next generation access should definitely be evenly distributed and soon will be thanks to progressive improvements in the UK’s investment in ICT infrastructure. Of course, community broadband projects will not only help solve the local issues described above. They will also encourage British citizens to stay abreast of international goings-on and current affairs, stay in touch with friends, family and business partners abroad, and, crucially, get access to information, educational resources, entertainment and work.

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Rent or Buy Optimal Commercial Property North London

When it comes to choosing a site for commercial property london is an affluent location for all kinds of businesses, large and small. Searching high and low for shops to rent in north London can be a tedious business however. Going to a good consultant is by far the most stress-free way to find a shop for sale in London, without all the hassle of independent research.

Choosing to take on the work of renting a new shop space yourself is far from easy. All sorts of difficulties can turn the process of finding your dream property into a nightmare. Hiring a professional consultant will eradicate all of these complications. Their help and guidance are invaluable when it comes to assessing insurance claims, property management, boundary disputes and mortgage valuations. Taking on a new property is a important decision, and it’s in your interest that you choose prudently. expert consultants undertake systematic building and structural surveys to ensure your property is in good condition. If landlord-tenant relations become tricky, your consultant can act as a mediator and help resolve arguments An adept consultant will also be able to offer investment advice and make valuations. Having a guide to take you through the process will safeguard against ill-informed decisions, and expose difficulties such as dilapidation and non-regulatory compliance.

Regardless of whether your business is a café, boutique, estate agents, hairdressers or bookmakers, there will be an ideal shop space in London to fulfil your business’ every need. When it comes to choosing between a fully fitted shop space or an empty space with the potential for refitting, consider your requirements carefully. It may be that even if your business is specialised, for instance a beauty salon, choosing a property that has been used for similar purposes before may save you time and money. Current fittings can be made use of, and your budget spent on developments instead. For more generalised enterprises, basic but high quality fittings will be apt for small market businesses. Several features to look out for are wooden or ceramic floors, air conditioning, central heating and good natural or artificial light sources. Pre-fitted security systems can also save you money on installing them yourself.

Length of lease, the scope for potential and flexibility such as longer opening hours to optimise turnover should all be taken into consideration. The locality of the property is another consideration. Is there already a glut of cafés in the area you’re considering? Is there local demand for a hairdressers?

Having taken all these factors into account, it’s important to recall how much potential a shop to rent in North London could bring to your business. Finding a shop for sale in London could change the course of your business forever. Custom and turnover will effectively increase in an optimum location so find your ideal commercial property london is waiting for you.

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School Uniform Supplier in London – The easy option

There’s been plenty in the headlines recently about the state of the high street. A combination of economic slowdown and the inexorable rise of internet shopping has placed enormous pressure on traditional businesses, pushing some into bankruptcy. Although we can complain about the loss of our high street stores, it’s an inevitable part of the internet’s effect. Web stores have smaller overheads and are more convenient to use than normal shops, and we have flocked to them – with clear results. What this does mean is that you can now buy almost anything at a better price than on the high street, and at a time that suits you – including school clothes. Busy parents in particular will know how hard it can be to find the time to take their children out to buy their school uniforms, which often seem to need replacing at the worst possible moment. A London schoolwear supplier that offers online shopping and delivery is obviously going to have the edge over a traditional store that requires a visit in person, and charges more into the bargain.

Once you’ve found the right place you can buy clothes at any time – you are not restricted to normal opening hours with the internet – and they will be sent straight to your door. If you’ve really left it until the last minute, there is often a school delivery option, so even if you are shopping with just hours to spare you can still make sure your child gets the clothes they need. On the off-chance you receive something that doesn’t fit or need to send it back for some reason, you can again do this by post – and often for free (check the company’s returns policy). To reduce the risk of needing to do this, measure up carefully, and refer to existing clothes to get a good impression of what size you need to order.

In all, a London schoolwear supplier can make life a lot easier. In hard times, good quality school clothes at low prices are always going to be attractive. Children go through school uniforms quickly, and saving money as well as time is a winner. You’ll often find they sell more than clothes and shoes, too, and you can pick up everything you’ll need in terms of stationary, bags, and kit for after-school clubs.

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Duplicate Payments within your AP systems

Accounts payable audits are utilized by many companies to cut back on unnecessary costs which may slip between the cracks within a busy organization. If a company suspects it is paying too much, efficient recovery audit software can isolate duplicate payments and disparities between payments negotiated and payments received. Normally, this software is installed alongside existing accounting software, and can be run on a regular basis to search for and analyse unnecessary payments or over-payments. Over time, these recovered claims often add up to millions of pounds. The software works across different departments, making sure that system disparities between accounting or data entry are identified and either eradicated or accounted for by those dealing with finance.

A full-scale accounts payable audit will also involve accounts payable consultants coming in to the organization to talk with staff, inspect systems, and give recommendations for doing things in a different way in order to prevent losses and overpayments before they ensue. However, such an audit is not needed frequently. Reliable recovery audit software can run on its own once it is installed, showing results to workers in a clear and readable way, and automatically implementing necessary changes. Companies are generally encouraged to make corrective claims as soon as possible after the incorrect payment is made: during a delay, a vendor may go out of business, become hard to contact, or simply spend the duplicate payments or overpayments made to them.

Often savings are made byfinding duplicate claims and incorrect statement claims by vendors. These are not necessarily deliberate attempts at fraud or incorrect payments: busy people, on both the supply and payments side, can make blunders. Especially in a large organization, changes in complex invoicing systems, staff turnover and the structure of the company can mean that many payments slip through the net. Meanwhile unclaimed cheques, errors with inaccurate currency conversion, application of taxes, VAT and discount offers, all cause problems.

Computers, however, have no margin of human error, which is why many companies opt for the forensic proficiency of recovery audit software. Forensic data analysis is a sophisticated way to investigate and correct historical overpayments, and to make recommendations for avoiding error in the future. And if there is fraud going on at some stage, in the company or with a supplier, the sooner it’s found out the better. The larger the organization, the more money they inevitably save by doing an accounts payable audit.

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Minibus Hire: The easy way to organise your getway…

One of the worst parts of your summer vacation is the travel arrangements. Once you’ve found your accommodation, there’s still the question of getting there. Given that many of us spend several hours or even a whole day on the road, that’s no minor thing to overcome. Joined with that is the vast expense of simply getting from A to B, with a tank of diesel easily costing £50 or £60. If you’re travelling with a large group of people, multiplying that up – along with the uncertainty of ensuring everyone gets to where they need to be at the same time – can be costly and stressful. Minibus hire is one way around the stress for mid-sized groups of up to 12 or 15. For larger parties, luxury coach hire can be a very good solution. Coach hire London allows you to sit back and enjoy the journey in peace, complete with creature comforts in an air-conditioned environment.

Nowadays, coaches are a far cry from the ones you will remember from times past. They are clean, well-equipped and properly maintained. Not only that, but it can work out extremely cost-effectively. The reduced per-head cost of going in large numbers means that you can travel in far more style than you would if you were going separately. For those organising office getaways, group outings, days to sports fixtures or even large family breaks, this is truly the thinking person’s choice. There’s more space, drinks and entertainment on offer – and you don’t even have to do the driving. The coach firm will lay on a trained driver, or drivers if the journey is long enough. This is certainly a relief if you are going abroad or on a very long trip, since it means you can travel through the night (if you prefer) and waste as little time as possible.

Coach hire London gives you access to much better ways to travel than cars or public transport. It’s enormously flexible: since you’re paying, you set the itinerary and the schedule. Luxury coach hire isn’t a possibility that will occur to most people, since it seems out of their price bracket. And yet this can be a top solution to the problems of holiday travel – or, indeed, transporting any group of people. For smaller outings, minibus hire might be a better choice. This does, additionally, give you the chance to drive yourself, which may be a mixed blessing.

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Invoice processing makes for more expedient payments systems

Efficiency is the watchword in business today. With times tough and cuts starting to hurt, there is no room for wasting time and money doing things in a slower or more torturous way than they need to be. The challenge with this, however, is in moving from one familiar way of working to a more effective set of procedures. Although these will result in improved productivity – and therefore a healthier bottom line – there will always be some resistance out of a desire to keep the status quo. Document management is one way in which efficiency can be improved. Its aim is to shift paper documents of all kinds into electronic form (via document processing) and then arrange and employ them in the best way. This is particularly helpful in certain areas of business, such as invoice processing and your accounts procedures.

Invoice processing is vital because the stakes here can be higher than elsewhere. For starters, you may have a high volume of payments and transactions occurring. That means a large number of invoices. The average invoice might have a dozen fields of data on it. You could be copying these manually a number of times – into your accounting systems, payment systems, and other records. Every time it is copied there is room for error to creep in. And there is lots of evidence that this frequently occurs, resulting in unnecessary payments. Properly managed, your electronic invoices can be integrated with other accounting systems, significantly reducing the time required to deal with payments and also decreasing the scope for error.

In other instances, the efficiencies of time can be just as impressive. A single paper note or document can end up on someone’s desk, buried under a pile of paper or accidentally thrown out. In electronic form, this is no longer an issue. It can be shared amongst any number of employees, placed in a central or shared folder on your network, and accessed at any time. (Of course, if you want it to remain confidential then there are ways of going about this too.)

Document management is therefore a vital strand of lifting the performance of any business. Dealing with paper documents is simply inefficient and, sometimes, risky. Too much can be left to chance, paperwork gets lost or damaged, and handling times are unnecessarily long. Document processing – and especially invoice processing – allows you to expedite certain procedures, spending your time and money on what really matters.

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