Duplicate payments can be errors consigned to yesteryear

For any business not specifically working in finance, the job of making and receiving payments effectively can be nerve-wracking to say the least. In all likelihood, employees will have been chosen because their skills match the creative aims and objectives of the business, not because they make great accountants. As such, many companies without the resources to employ an additional economically-minded member of staff can be left in the lurch; ill equipped to deal with the precisions and lengthy processes sometimes involved in carrying out successful transactions. Help is on offer, however, and the answer doesn’t have to lie in hiring more people: accounts payable audit and recovery audit software can be acquired instead so that much of the hard work involved in tracking duplicate payments, or protecting a business against fraud, for example, can actually be shouldered by a computer system using fiscal technology software.

And fear not, this is not an instance where we need worry about technology overtaking us: far from undermining the capabilities of the staff, the above kind of software actually allows employees to be more focused on the kind of challenges with which only humans can properly deal. Once financial matters are under control, businesses can focus on the kind of strategies they wish to make themselves known for; those involving press and learning work, for instance, can be developed to the highest of standards using thorough research and testing. In any case, the cost of letting the company’s payments fall by the wayside is far too great for it to be worth struggling on without the assistance now on offer from this software. Many business people fail to realise just how much money they could be saving if they just ensured that double payments, invoicing mistakes, compliance issues and supplier fraud were avoided once and for all. And beyond the matter of cost effectiveness, there is the crucial matter of business reputation to bear in mind.

Indeed, strong business reputations are arguably more important than ever in our current post-deficit financial climate: more and more now we are hearing public calls for companies to be more transparent, responsible and open. And this responsibility can begin with businesses ensuring outgoing and incoming sums are being made and received fairly. Accounts payable audit technologies will help everyone keep on top of this sort of thing while a stop can be put to duplicate payments through the use of recovery audit software.

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External louvres made to order

These days most reputable offices have a human resource management strategy simultaneously serving the needs of employees as well as more corporate interests. Good human resource teams will spend much of their time considering how best to keep staff motivated and proud of their work – preoccupations that many a workforce is thankful for and keen to respond to. However, it is sometimes the case that HR teams fail to recognise how improving just the most basic of conditions can make the working day more pleasant and productive. One such easily addressed but recurring issue in the workplace is the warmth: when it is too hot or too cold employees are less able to carry out their jobs efficiently but with the implementation of brise soleil, glass louvres and external louvres, inefficiency – and with it unhappiness – can be fast reduced.

To give a brief outline of these unusual terms, brise soleil are systems designed to shade buildings from the outside by preventing the direct entry of sunlight. Their practical benefits thus speak for themselves – they keep anyone inside the building from getting hot and bothered. And in addition to this, the shading devices in question add modernist appeal to a place; they were championed by the iconic French architect Le Corbusier who famously wanted to make ‘machines for living’. Glass louvres, meanwhile, boast the similar benefit of better ventilation while also lowering energy costs otherwise wasted on expensive air conditioning and radiators. To any staff charged with the job of reducing their company’s carbon footprint the glass louvre option will be highly attractive as louvres help satisfy the kind of green policies governments are trying to implement worldwide. Finally, external louvres consist of elegant panels that can be fixed to any commercial or public building using steel or aluminium brackets. The visual effect is akin to an up-to-date awning while the physical effect for workers is a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature that even hours of strong sun hardly affect.

Altogether, brise soleil, glass louvres and external louvres promise to be the architectural features of the future; a future characterized by enhanced conditions for workers, greater respect for our environment and more responsible levels of spending on energy. Hopefully, long working days spent sweating over desks, heat-induced headaches and avoidable stress will be consigned to the past.

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Hotel jobs gulf for recruitment abroad

The job market is increasingly opening up in the age of globalisation so that the possibilities of employment have stretched a long way beyond national boundaries. Of course, language issues can be problematic, particularly for those who have been lived all their lives in Anglophone countries such as the UK where – for better or worse – a large number of residents scarcely feel driven by the prospect of learning a foreign language when so many overseas dwellers speak English to a high standard. This tendency can make British workers less mobile. However, if those who only speak English seek jobs in the far East or in specific global cities in the United Arab Emirates, they may have more luck. With hospitality jobs Singapore, or hotel jobs Dubai, for instance, the ability to speak native English is an utmost priority for prospective employees, simply because the majority of people frequenting hotels in these locations are businessmen, whose business is most often conducted in the English language. hotel jobs gulf are a very practical option then, for monolingual, or polylingual candidates.

Altogether, those with no or few responsibilities in their country of origin need not feel constrained by the relatively cheerless employment statistics in the West. Indeed, as the financial crisis has been keenly felt and continues to impact on daily possibilities and household budgets in the United States and in Europe, the Eastern world is beginning to thrive. So why not start contributing to the burgeoning economies abroad? Why not become part of a fascinating new shift in culture, wealth and power? Sometimes people benefit hugely from a transformation of lifestyle and from seeing things from a new perspective. With this in mind, the hospitality sector in the East is just one area of employment from which a different life can be started.

All that is needed before making the leap, then, is a little research and thought. Once you have decided that working abroad is the pathway for you, just think pragmatically about whether hotel jobs gulf or hotel jobs Dubai would be preferable to hospitality jobs Singapore; these locations are very distinct and will offer very different experiences.

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Powerpoint presentations that communicate to audiences and enlighten

It is a common but mistaken preconception that powerpoint presentations are easy to master. Indeed, where sales presentations are concerned in particular, the novice who decides to use Powerpoint can end up doing more bad than good to his or her commercial prospects. This is because Powerpoint design is an art to be learnt; much like painting or drawing it requires the acquisition and refinement of acute visual skills and an imaginative approach to composition. Audiences become easily bored and worse, turned off, by presentations that only exploit the bare minimum degree of potential from a software product that can actually be a real asset when used expertly.

Businesses that spend a large amount of their time marketing ideas to external clients should, with the above warning in mind, take care to invest in adequate training for their employees. In brief, a member of the team who gives a bad impression of the brand through Powerpoint or who fails to sell what in actual fact is a stellar idea will be making a business loss not only in the short run – in terms of immediate revenue – but also in terms of the long term acceptance of the future ideas of his or her colleagues.

What needs to be understood is that originality and performance really matter in Powerpoint advertising. In the hyper-industrialised age people are not easily fobbed off by cheap ploys for fast sales of nothing substantial; in an economy that has long been based on debt and trading on nothing concrete, new commercial ideas are unsurprisingly met with scepticism. As such, audiences and panels are looking for products and services offering change, inspiration, perhaps even a feeling of innocence – even if false – to help us forget that almost every aspect of human life has been commodified.

Make good use of powerpoint presentations then – they are mere supports for our ingenuity and should enlighten ideas rather than serve them up cold in a font and format we’ve all seen before. Sales presentations will benefit manifold from this approach that is only possible if Powerpoint design is well taught.

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Kickboxing London makes for great gains

It is all too easy to think of exercise as a chore instead of a source of pleasure. After years of attending the same gym, at the same time, in the same clothes and sometimes without even noticing the benefits, a number of the health-conscious among us begin to feel dispirited. Moreover, gym membership is often very pricey; something many people initially see as good value for money without really considering what they stand to gain. The number of alternatives out there is quite overwhelming, however, with kickboxing being just one prime example of exercise that doesn’t require accompaniment by an MP3 player or television screen to ensure against boredom. Joining a kickboxing club could therefore be a really positive move, with kickboxing London at Zendo Kickboxing being a great place to start.

Beginners need not be concerned about taking their first kicks at this kickboxing club. Because the martial arts are considered to be life skills as opposed to straightforward exercise, the best instructors will make sure their students become immersed and versed in the essentials of technique. And there is no need to worry either about the learning process diminishing the fun; acquiring new skills actually enhances enjoyment and gives kickboxers an amazing sense of achievement. The benefits are mental and physical then – kickboxers’ minds will get a workout at the same time as they are burning up to 1,000 calories per practice and improving their flexibility.

Still beyond the mental and physical benefits to be found in kickboxing are the ways in which this martial art can really revolutionize the way people feel about themselves emotionally. The glossy magazines would have us believe that boosting self confidence lies in getting a new hairstyle, going on a diet or maxing out the credit card for a pair of shoes. But most people know deep down that these are merely insubstantial fast-fixes and that the real changes can hardly be effected through recourse to consumer goods. Kickboxing is different though – it helps improve mood, and general wellbeing from the inside out. Moreover, material goods don’t address that other great source of light-heartedness – the company of others and the formation of new friendships. Those who go along regularly to a kickboxing club know that they will never be alone – the kickboxing London scene is a hub of sociability.

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A graduate scheme could be available in some of the leading industries

Many young people who have just completed university feel uneasy when they are faced with the challenge of finding graduate jobs to apply to. It may be that their experience of academic study during the past three or four years in which they have been an undergraduate seems irrelevant to the majority of businesses offering a graduate scheme. Help is at hand however, as many graduates will find that the skills they have learnt while studying for their degrees are actually very compatible with those that many top graduate employers are seeking. The capacity to work efficiently and productively to deadlines – a skill learnt by the majority of good students – is just one example of the kind of expertise that is transferable from the academic to the professional world. Of course, it is beneficial for graduate job-seekers to have a impressive CV that provides evidence of a certain amount of work experience. This experience need not have been acquired during the graduate’s time at university though – relevant work experience can just as easily be procured after university through an internship.

Career player offers ample information, tips and advice on what sort of internships are out there and how to get the most from them. This is because the people behind this careers website are aware that an internship is often the key to bettering graduates’ chances in securing the graduate jobs that they really want. At a time when graduate unemployment levels are high, many university leavers feel dispirited at the prospect of job hunting in hard times. Persistence is clearly required because sometimes it will take a while before graduates are accepted onto graduate schemes. An internship can help graduates to avoid getting disheartened though- even if an internship lasts only a month or two the important thing for graduates to remember is that the work experience it offers could be invaluable in the near future when more job vacancies become available. Internships also keep graduates enthused and therefore in the right mindset to begin professional life.

Internship opportunities, graduate schemes and graduate jobs can all be found posted on reputable careers websites and graduates can be encouraged by how frequently new opportunities are made open to them. Job seekers using these websites must still be well prepared and not get complacent in their search for work however, as opportunities often taken very quickly to other strong candidates competing for the same post. Preparation consists of knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, having a well-presented CV and making time to write an attention-grabbing application. Careers websites can help graduates with all of the above if they make use of sections offering example CVs, psychometric tests and articles written by insiders from a range of industries.

Altogether, graduate jobs might be more accessible than many university leavers believe them to be. If their talents and experience are suited to a particular graduate scheme the likelihood is that they stand in a strong position to get at least an interview for a fulfilling, fairly-paid graduate job or internship. The main requirement for job-hunting success is determination and a savvy approach. Careers websites are brilliant resources for helping graduates gain the wherewithal and confidence they need.

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Video conferencing and its benefits

As websites and the internet have quickened the speed of communication, it seems that the ability to be in several places at once without leaving your office will be the key to succeeding in business.  video conferencing allows us to do just that.  Audio visual conferencing is an excellent driver for productivity, allowing us to keep in closer contact with customers.  The new closeness brought by telepresence video conferencing often leads to new ideas on how to speed up the development of new products and services.

During a videoconference call, all participants can see the facial expressions and body language of all the other participants.  These vital aspects of communication are lost with a basic telephone call.  In addition, if this technology is used for customer service and sales, it has major implications for improving customer relations.  If customers with a query or a problem can effectively meet internal employees by using telepresence video conferencing, your business relationship with customers could be significantly improved.

Furthermore, video conferencing offers a fantastic opportunity to cut travel expenses – a real winner in today’s economy.  While many individuals still like to get out of the office and visit clients and associates in person, there are many situations where it is possible to save massive amounts of money on airfare and hotel costs, as well as the loss of productivity that results from being out of the office.  Although shaking hands with somebody can never really be replaced, video conferencing allows us to ask ourselves whether the cost of that handshake is really justified in every instance.

With video conferencing, you can quickly put together a meeting of various people from different locations, to discuss whatever it is that unites them.  Whether they are at different ends of the same county or opposite sides of the globe, communication is just as easy.  Many of us feel we can express more through facial expressions than through the tired clichés of business speak, which is why a live video call is often much more effective than a telephone call.  In addition, if anything technical needs to be explained, the visual element is extremely valuable in facilitating an easily understandable demonstration.

Video conferencing is not just a new technology that might be worth getting used to, it is the future of communication.  With telepresence video conferencing, participants genuinely feel as if they are sharing a room with fellow conference participants.  Audio visual conferencing is there to make our lives easier – we would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

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Why you should invest in the phono amp

If the following situation sounds familiar, it may well be that you are in serious need of a phono stage.  Your speaker system is all wired up and ready to play, your amplifiers are connected, but nothing seems to be coming out of the speakers.  Those speakers were not made for silence – why is the sound failing to come through?  The reason may be connected to the fact that generally, modern amplifiers do not feature an input socket marked turntable, so they cannot be connected unless you have a phono preamp.  This is quite simply an electronic circuit or stage that deals with the correct amplification of the phono cartridge and sends it to the amp or audio system. It is also often referred to as a phono stage or a phono amp, but these actually all describe the same thing.

It is important not to let all these different terms confuse you – this is just a box that connects a turntable and an amplifier.  However, if this type of sound technology is all rather new, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy.  In order to make this choice, it is worth gaining some sense of how the phono amp works.  It is all a matter of changes in technology, as when vinyl records were standard, integrated amplifiers always had an input for the record player or turntable.  However, when analogue sources started to become digital in origin, this no longer seemed worthwhile.  As digital sources have similar voltages, all that was needed a simple switch that selects between inputs.  For this reason, the ‘passive preamp’ was created.  This is not exactly a preamp, rather, these boxes contain switches and relays.  The phono amp hence ensures that you achieve the best level of amplification.

Obtaining and setting up the preamp is remarkably stress free, even for those who are not particularly technologically savvy.  Setting up the system is just a matter of obtaining a phono-stage, hooking up the turntable to it, and hooking up the output from the preamp to your amplifier.  As prices can vary widely, it can be difficult to decide which one to go for, but it is important to be aware that the quality of your sound will to an extent be dependent on the phono amp you decide on.  A particularly cheap preamp is usually unlikely to provide you with high quality audio, but equally, some budget preamps are dressed up as very high quality ones.  It is generally safest to opt for a mid-priced product.

It is important, therefore, not to be confused by the technicalities.  The phono stage, the phono preamp and the phono amp all have the same function, that of connecting your amp to your turntable.  Having found an amplifier that works, your music system should be ready to go. After this point, whether you are a part time DJ or just planning a party, you should find that all your records sound better than ever before with the right kind of amp to channel the beats.

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Shops to let in North London: make sure you have the right agent

For commercial property London is one of the best places in the world to be looking. The market tanked during the financial crisis, with values for some of the biggest buildings such as office space being cut in half. Rents fell, though not as far. As a result, yields were considered extremely good and when the bounce occurred investors piled in to take advantage of the bargains on offer. The comparatively weak pound meant that foreign money poured in from Europe and the Middle East, since these currencies could buy more. Commercial property comes in a number of forms (offices, industrial, retail), and specific agents may deal with some or all aspects of it. Those offering small shops to let in north london may or may not be able to secure a good deal on several thousand square feet of grade A office space – since the type of outfit looking for a shop for sale in London or somewhere to rent is likely to be different from a big company looking to relocate its headquarters.

At the same time, depending on the nature of your business, there can be great strength in going to an agency that deals with a broad cross-section of the property market, since many companies will require more than one sub-sector. If you’re after several shops to rent in North London, there’s a good chance you’ll need warehouses to keep your stock in and office space to administrate your business. It’s simpler and cheaper to find all of these through the same agency than it is to hunt around and pick them up piecemeal.

London is a good prospect for commercial property at the moment – a growth area that led the country’s recovery in the sector. The rebound from recession has not been as strong as hoped, but the capital has tended to do better than other areas, partly due to the lack of new developments, heralding a bottleneck in coming years and pushing up prices through the simple law of supply and demand. If you’re looking for a shop for sale in London or other forms of commercial property London is still promising in terms of the potential for return. However, regardless of whether you are looking for industrial property on the outskirts or shops to let in north london, ensuring you have the right agent can make a huge difference in the cost and suitability of the space you rent or buy.

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Home manager jobs – the necessary skills

Many people have given some thought to care home manager jobs or nursing home manager jobs, but are not entirely sure what they involve.  Before deciding on whether this job might be right for you, it is wise to be informed about what home manager jobs involve and what skills these roles need.  In the most basic terms, the role is about managing the day-to-day duties and administrative functions of a nursing home.

These professionals will have to deal not only with the residents of the home, but with their relatives and possibly friends.  For many families it is a difficult and emotional time when a loved one moves into a nursing home, and helping and supporting them through this is a key aspect of the role of the manager.  They may also need to work alongside doctors and hospital administrators, to help ensure that the residents in their nursing home are given the best possible medical care and that somebody is keeping an eye on their health care.

A nursing home manager is not only answerable to families and medical professionals, but also to inspectors.  They need not only to make sure that every aspect of coordinating a home is done not only professionally but also in keeping with health and safety requirements.  Other standard activities are holding daily handover meetings, leading work teams and nurses, implementing health and safety regulations, hiring staff, assessing patient systems, ordering supplies and equipment for the home, orientating staff, and dealing with patient families and friends.  The need to liaise with so many different people during the course of the day means that home managers should be adaptable and able to interact with people from many different walks of life.

The necessary skill set that is required for nursing home manager jobs includes being adept at leadership and supervision, patient care and management, and being analytical, assertive and respectful.  Communication and listening are very important for anyone in care home manager jobs, as well as stress management, professionalism, being self motivated, conscientious and thorough.  In addition, working with other people in a compassionate way are vital aspects of the role, so being patient and compassionate are key requirements for home manager jobs.  To work as a nursing home manager you will need nursing qualifications, and administrative and management qualifications are also likely to be useful, not only for securing a job but also to help you perform your duties effectively.

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