Duplicate Payments within your AP systems

Accounts payable audits are utilized by many companies to cut back on unnecessary costs which may slip between the cracks within a busy organization. If a company suspects it is paying too much, efficient recovery audit software can isolate duplicate payments and disparities between payments negotiated and payments received. Normally, this software is installed alongside existing accounting software, and can be run on a regular basis to search for and analyse unnecessary payments or over-payments. Over time, these recovered claims often add up to millions of pounds. The software works across different departments, making sure that system disparities between accounting or data entry are identified and either eradicated or accounted for by those dealing with finance.

A full-scale accounts payable audit will also involve accounts payable consultants coming in to the organization to talk with staff, inspect systems, and give recommendations for doing things in a different way in order to prevent losses and overpayments before they ensue. However, such an audit is not needed frequently. Reliable recovery audit software can run on its own once it is installed, showing results to workers in a clear and readable way, and automatically implementing necessary changes. Companies are generally encouraged to make corrective claims as soon as possible after the incorrect payment is made: during a delay, a vendor may go out of business, become hard to contact, or simply spend the duplicate payments or overpayments made to them.

Often savings are made byfinding duplicate claims and incorrect statement claims by vendors. These are not necessarily deliberate attempts at fraud or incorrect payments: busy people, on both the supply and payments side, can make blunders. Especially in a large organization, changes in complex invoicing systems, staff turnover and the structure of the company can mean that many payments slip through the net. Meanwhile unclaimed cheques, errors with inaccurate currency conversion, application of taxes, VAT and discount offers, all cause problems.

Computers, however, have no margin of human error, which is why many companies opt for the forensic proficiency of recovery audit software. Forensic data analysis is a sophisticated way to investigate and correct historical overpayments, and to make recommendations for avoiding error in the future. And if there is fraud going on at some stage, in the company or with a supplier, the sooner it’s found out the better. The larger the organization, the more money they inevitably save by doing an accounts payable audit.

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