London kickboxing club will spice up your exercise routine

If you feel like your exercise routine needs some jazzing up, then turn to a London kickboxing club for a work out that will really keep you on your toes. The last thing you want is for your fitness to decrease because you’re not motivated to go to the local leisure centre. With plenty of London kickboxing classes on offer, there’s no excuse not to seek one out. What’s more, once you’ve done some kickboxing, London will feel a large amount safer.

Exercise should never feel like a duty. Keeping fit and healthy should be something you enjoy, not a duty. Kickboxing offers a fantastically fun and engaging way to get fit – and it’s a little bit different, meaning you’ll not be just one more middle-of-the-road jogger or one more member of that agonising legs bums n’ tums class. Kickboxing is an aerobic sport and increases co-ordination, flexibility, strength and speed – all in all, a great workout.

What’s more, kickboxing always takes place in an interactive, sociable situation. Most classes are non-contact, so don’t be daunted, but with your sparring partner right in front of you, there’s no time to think about what you’re having for dinner or watching the clock. Most importantly this is a sport that demands your concentration physically and mentally. You’ve got to be on the alert and always thinking about your next move.

These benefits are allied with another, which is the boost kickboxing can give your mental and spiritual health. The sociable, fun aspect improves your confidence, and as you acquire more skills this new-found confidence will rise and rise. The knowledge that you can defend yourself should a threatening situation arise also contributes towards this peace of mind. The supportive group-learning is geared towards making you feel supported, and at the same time, challenging you to go beyond your comfort zone. There’ll be no danger of tedium in this setting.

The defence aspect of kickboxing is an important one, because as well as improving your assertiveness, and giving you the tools to keep yourself and your property from harm, you’ll be doing two things at once! Keeping fit, and staying safe. When you live in a fast-paced city such as London, you’ll know what a windfall it is to be able to multi-task.  London kickboxing classes are available for everyone, from young children to teenagers, students and adults. All levels and standards are allowed for, and the multi-tasking can continue – as there are a great deal of classes specifically for younger children from the age of four upwards, your kids can go to their class while you go to yours. Child-minding sorted! They get instructed in discipline, respect and confidence, too – all vital life-skills. London kickboxing clubs are a fusion of Western boxing and Eastern martial arts, taking the best of both worlds to give you a sport that never feels tedious. Join a kickboxing London class today!

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